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Encouraging a Sustainable Lifestyle

  • Ashish Phatak
  • 08 Jul, 2023

Sustainability is a way of life. It has been observed and practiced by our ancestors since ages. After the industrial revolution; technological advancements and the growing demand for instant services have propelled us to lead a lifestyle that always keeps us on our toes. To match this lifestyle, we have moved towards a ‘Use & Throw’ model that is not only harmful to our Mother Nature but also harmful to human existence. We have become accustomed to prioritizing wealth before health. Green revolution was achieved by increasing the yields of crops by using synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. Research on GMO’s led to more pest-resistant or dwarf or bigger size produce as per the requirement of the industry. But further research has proven that such practices harm the ecosystem, destroy local endemic varieties, and are known to have adverse long term effects on people after continued consumption. It is difficult to let go of our current lifestyle completely and switch to a thorough sustainable lifestyle for most of us. Alternatively what we can do is adopt a sustainable lifestyle that suits each person as per their priorities. Every little contribution counts, and every small step towards a sustainable future will ensure our well-being and the welfare of our future generations.