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Supporting Local Farmers and Artisans

  • Ashish Phatak
  • 08 Jul, 2023

‘Vocal for Local’ is the new cool! Farmers and local entrepreneurs are our lifeline. All of us together form a chain that is highly interdependent. Local businesses guarantee availability good and fresh local produce and products. By supporting this chain, we avoid the need of excessive storage and long range transport of goods. Local varieties are more suitable for consumption and the culinary history of India shows how our ancestors adapted their cooking habits to the local availability of ingredients. For example, Western India uses Groundnut oil or Sunflower Oil for cooking, South India prefers Coconut oil whereas North India prefers Mustard oil for cooking. This is a classic example of how the availability of ingredients in every region affects the choice of oil used for cooking. We at Eco Potli aim at connecting with the local farmers, artisans, and entrepreneurs to bring the best products to your doorstep. Let’s all grow together and support the local, regional, and national economy.