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Vision of Eco Potli

  • Eco Potli
  • 12 Jul, 2023

Eco Potli was born out of the urge to self-learn, educate, and help others understand the importance of sustainability. Thoughts conformed and things started rolling…and voila…

Eco Potli was born!

In our culture, we have a saying in Marathi viz. "आजी चा बटवा" which translates to "grandmother's pouch" which was used in reference to having solutions for all common illnesses. Simply stating, it means that when you encounter any problem, look into the past for solutions. You will find that tried and tested methods, be it medicines or lifestyle approach have been passed down through generations. Recently we have lost touch of this precious pouch of knowledge and wisdom. Today, when we are encountering numerous environmental problems, lets turn to this "बटवा" or "Potli" of our forefathers for any probable solutions.

This Pandemic made the world pause and ponder over their choices and priorities. Apart from all the devastation Covid-19 caused worldwide; it also gave us a chance to reflect on our lifestyle and our health choices. The word “Immunity” suddenly gained importance and people became more aware of their food choices. During the initial phases of the pandemic, there was immense shortage of essential goods. That is when the need and demand for fresh and organic produce became evident. The people were struggling to manage house work, office work, kids, etc. all at once working from home.

We decided to open a business that would deliver fresh organic quality produce at their doorstep without cutting a big hole in their wallets. We wanted families and elderly people living alone better access to fresh organic fruits, vegetables, grocery and even cut fruits and vegetables to make their lives a bit easier. We wanted to help people transition from non-organic to organic without affecting their monthly budget to an enormous extent.

Eco Potli plans to venture into more sustainability products in the future. Eco Potli wants to create a passage for people willing to put in their efforts towards a Sustainable living environment. Individual priorities differ greatly and not everyone can pledge towards a complete sustainable lifestyle. But, every small change, any small effort will count towards achieving the bigger picture. We only need to be conscious of how our choices directly or indirectly affect this Sustainability revolution.

Come…let’s live better lives…and carve out better future for our kids!