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One step towards an eco-friendly future

  • Amruta Awachat
  • 03 Jul, 2023

Survival of our future generations depend on the choices we make today. Our greedy attitude will only make our kids scramble for basic necessities. In the past few decades, our short-sighted approach to development has led us to a world experiencing climate change, biodiversity loss, species extinction, water scarcity, floods, forest fires, soil erosion & landslides, scarcity of food, pollution, poverty and many more such problems for the current generations to deal with. Realizing the eminent threat to our world if we continue on this self-destructive path; all nations came together to work towards solutions to these problems. United Nations discussed the need for Sustainable Development in 2012 in Rio de Janeiro. All the nations collectively signed up for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) 2030 on 1st January 2016. SDG’s contains 17 broad categories that deal with different but interconnected issues. All the nations have since then adopted various ways to conform to these goals and fulfil their commitments. We as Indians and global citizens can become more aware adopt to a sustainable lifestyle to put in our contribution to this revolution. Eco Potli is founded on the principle of assisting people to make a shift from the current lifestyle to one that accommodates the notion of sustainable development as per their own priorities.